Landscape Design & Installation

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The Beginning of Something Beautiful


Starting with a professional design is important for the life and health of your landscaping as well as its beauty. If you are building a new home or if your existing landscaping needs improvement or a complete renovation, we offer creative ideas using easy to care for plants and proven water management

Landscaping creates a frame of beauty around your home. It adds color, elegance and value to one of the largest investments you and your family will ever make. While most other home improvements will depreciate with time, landscaping will appreciate. Even a small investment in landscaping can produce a big impact today and a huge impact in years to come. For example, a thirty-gallon oak tree will add beauty and value to a site the day it is installed. In twenty years, that same oak tree will be a beautiful shade tree worth thousands of dollars. In one hundred years, it will be virtually priceless.

A professional evaluation of the specific resources of your site can prevent common, but costly, mistakes. A well-balanced, interesting, and pleasing landscape features many different kinds of foliage. Each plant requires its own unique blend of soil, light, and water. For example, a plant that is misplaced may be healthy and beautiful at first, but just as it is reaching a fully mature stage it becomes apparent it does not have the area it needs. The beauty or even the life of the plant is cut short and your landscape suffers a set back that could take years to reverse. Another common problem is that a plant either does not bloom or withers because it is not suited to its soil or lighting conditions.

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James Landscaping, Inc. will work in collaboration with you to create a landscape that enhances the present and future aesthetic appeal of your home and conforms to your budget.