Our Design Process and Timeline

What is the James Landscaping Design and Installation Process?

It is a deliberately and carefully planned process that will result in reinventing, repurposing or revitalizing your personal surroundings. From the time you set an appointment to the completion of your installation, you can expect the process to take approximately 6 months. What are the key steps? Read below to get the details.


Process and Timeline

Set an appointment


(Typically, we schedule appointments several weeks out): Our design process begins when you make a call to set an appointment, after which you will receive a new client questionnaire (similar to new patient paperwork at the doctor’s office). Your answers to the questionnaire will help our sales representative prepare for the site visit and also help our designers to understand any concerns or design aesthetic you prefer. Please know that we require a property survey before we visit in order to complete the evaluation accurately.


Site Visit


(Client presence only required for the 1st hour; reps can be there much longer!): During the site visit, our sales rep will meet with you to discuss your landscape issues and wishes. We will decide together if a full-color, CAD landscape design is needed or if it is possible to make a proposal without a design. During the visit, our sales representatives will take detailed notes, evaluate any issues, take photos, and even film a short video to describe your existing landscape and design requirements.


site Visit

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(10-15 weeks): During the site visit, you would have signed a design agreement that details the price of the design, the scope and the design timeline. Our designers will review the site notes, photos and videos and create your new custom landscape on a full color, CAD-generated design.


Zoom Presentation


(.5 – 1.5 hours): A few days before the ZOOM presentation, we deliver a folder that includes your design, installation proposal, plant photos and a lighting catalog. We give you this time to review the design so you will be familiar with it at the presentation. During the ZOOM presentation, our sales representatives will review the design with you and answer any questions you may have. We offer installation phasing so you do not have to install the whole design at one time. Once you are ready to proceed, you sign the proposal and place a down payment to get on the installation schedule.  Depending on the time of year, work could begin anywhere between a couple of weeks and six weeks.




(Depending on the size of your design…maybe one week, more or less): This is the most exciting part! We will transform your landscape to the specs of your design. We have the best crews in the business, sorry to be so bold but it is true. Some of them have been with us for over 20 years. They know landscaping and they will respect your property. The crew will leave your property clean at the end of every day and the installation progress will be evident.


site Visit