The James
Landscaping Advantage

Exercising beauty within a landscape coupled with intelligent designs tailored for North Texas distinguishes James Landscaping. At James Landscaping, our focus is on the client. Each of our landscape designs are personally crafted with you, the customer, in mind—ensuring your space is restored with beauty for years to come.

Breaking the Grid

The DFW real estate market is booming with new development created each day. Unfortunately, some homes, if not most, utilize similar landscaping structure which provides less personal space. At James Landscaping, our mission is to break this grid and provide you with a space that encourages outdoor living. The end result is your personal paradise, ultimately resulting in added value to your property.

Beauty & Function

With a background in horticulture and a passion for restoring beauty, we work each day to provide our clients with an outdoor living space that not only provides beauty but also longevity.  Our experience and horticulture expertise allows us unique insights to create landscapes to withstand the temperature variance of DFW and irrigation systems that provide the precise amount of water and runoff for the designs.

Restoring beauty to your space is one of our goals, but we also strive to ensure your landscape withstands the tests of Mother Nature by constructing each design with the future in mind.

James Landscaping Advantage Client Focused


At James Landscaping, we exist because of our outstanding clients. Whether you are looking for a waterscape, hardscape, retainer wall or all of the above, our designs are custom for each client. We focus our attention on your needs. Designing and constructing the landscape is only part of our job. We work to educate you so your living space is sustainable and scenic for years to come. At James Landscaping, we are only a phone call away from renovating your outdoor living space into a personal retreat.