Our Horticultural Services

Our Horticultural Services program is based on a yearly contract that offers a range of landscaping services and frequency of visits. The service options are customizable and include organic fertilizer application, mulching, seasonal color for pots and beds, and bed maintenance. You can decide how often visits occur, whether it’s annually, quarterly, or monthly.

To get started, complete this Horticultural Services Questionnaire. We will get back to you with a quote.

Organic fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer


We will design a fertilizer application plan that will be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your property. The plan requires an assessment of your plant diversity before determining which types of nutrient-rich blends to include to foster vigorous growth and stunning blossoms. Our personalized method guarantees that each plant gets precisely the nourishment it needs, resulting in lush, resilient foliage. We use MicroLife organic fertilizer, which is also used by many universities and arboretums




In our changing climate, mulch is vital for preserving moisture and maintaining proper soil temperatures. We can provide this service once or twice a year. You decide.



Horticultural services mulch
Horticultural services seasonal color

Seasonal Color


We can install spring and/or fall color into your beds and pots. We will remove the old seasonal plantings and replace with the new variety to refresh your garden. Fertilizer and mulch are included to help support the new plantings.




Holistically performed by one company with crew members who will become familiar with your beds, irrigation, lighting, water feature and hardscapes. Let us know which services to include in your annual agreement.


  1. Weeding and Trimming: Our team is proficient in manual trimming techniques to achieve a natural aesthetic. Hand trimming enables careful inspection of plant health, allowing us to identify any pests or diseases.
  2. Irrigation Inspection and Repair: In our climate, water is a precious resource and we rely on our sprinklers to perform as designed without fail. Our team can identify leaks, inefficiencies, or blockages and with your approval, will repair to ensure proper water distribution. This proactive approach minimizes waste and fosters optimal plant health.
  3. Lighting Inspection and Repair: Lighting not only transforms landscapes into enchanting sparkling displays at night but also serves as a deterrent to unwelcome visitors and enhances overall security.
  4. Water Feature Inspection and Repair
  5. Adding Decomposed Granite to your flagstone path or patio
horticultural services lighting