Landscape Irrigation

Proper Planning and Water Conservation

One of the most challenging aspects of gardening in North Texas is the variation in precipitation levels, ranging from droughts to floods. A well-designed sprinkler system is the foundation of a low-maintenance, cost saving, water conserving, and healthy landscape.

James Landscaping, Inc. also provides an as-built design of every new irrigation system we install. This ensures that the owner can find the valves, know where the mainline and wiring are located and can adjust irrigation needs with confidence.

Harvesting Rainwater:

Rainwater can be stored and used later for irrigation of your plants. Rainwater is good for plants because it is free of salts and other minerals that harm root growth. As rainwater percolates into the soil, it forces salts down and away from root zones, allowing roots to grow better and making plants more drought tolerant.

Harvesting rainwater systems can be as simple as using rain barrels to a more decorative water system that combines a recirculating decorative water feature with a below surface rainwater harvest storage system.

Rhonda James is a licensed Irrigator (LI5159).

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